Sell Your Home, Fast!


Sell Your Home, Fast!

By Devin Valdez

All home sellers have the same common goal, SELL THEIR HOME! And in most cases, the faster their home can sell, the better!

Sellers today have an advantage over past sellers, being that home sales are expected to continue at a steady pace and there are more than enough buyers.

Below is a list of ways you can sell your home, and sell it fast!

  1. Hire an Agent! Having an agent gives you an advantage because they have access to listings that you wouldn’t have searching on your own. They also have multiple connections on all spectrums of the real estate world, as well as more than enough advice and knowledge in regards to the process of buying a home.
  2. Stage the ENTIRE Property! Many sellers go all out in staging their kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. This is important because it gives potential buyers an idea of how your home can play a role in their lives, in the near future. However, don’t let the staging stop indoors. It’s also a good idea to stage your front and backyard. Staging your front yard offers potential buyers a strong curb appeal and staging the backyard can help sell your home to a buyer.
  3. Clean Up & Upgrade! Do a deep clean of your entire house. Get rid of things that are cluttering your space. Also try to depersonalize your home and remove photos and personal décor- things that might take away from the home itself. You want to think neutral when showing your home. As far as upgrades go, don’t go over the top. Focus on the smaller upgrades, typically in your kitchen and bathrooms. Things like fixtures, lights, etc. should be replace and upgraded, if need be. Also be sure your home is brightly lit, giving guests a warm and inviting feeling as soon as they walk in the door!
  4. Market Your Listing! Have your agent market your listing in their newsletters, social media sites, on the local MLS and on real estate platforms like, Trulia and Zillow! You want your listing to reach as many eyes as possible. Also, go a step further and market it yourself, posting it on all of your social networking sites, as well. Word of mouth to close family and friends never hurts, either!
  5. Price your Home Right! You want to make sure your agent looks at comps and similar homes that have sold within the last few months or are currently selling. These comparable home sales will reflect your home’s value. Price your home based off of what these comps are selling/sold for and also based off of what your home has to offer (locations, upgrades, etc.). Be sure not to get greedy when pricing your home because an overpriced listing will turn potential buyers away from coming to see your property.

If you’re looking for the perfect agent to help you sell your home, contact one of our EXPERT agents, today! 510-537-1900

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